When the time comes that you or a loved on require help and support to remain in your own home the topic of funding can often prove to be a tricky topic. There are various methods of funding care in your own home and these will often depend on your personal circumstances.

Private Customers

People who fund their own care are by far the largest group of individuals who use our services. Read more about private customers.

Local Authority

If your local authority assesses you as requiring a care and support service you will be allocated a personal budget. Read more about local authority.

Direct Payments

A Direct Payment allows people who have been assessed by a local authority as requiring a social care services to purchase their own care and support and have bee allocated a Personal Budget. Read more about direct payments.

Other Avenues

As the percentage of the population requiring a care and support service increases we are beginning to see more avenues available to people in order to fund care in their own home. Read more about other avenues.

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