Children and Families

We provide a range of services to help support children and their families in their own homes. We, as within the family, will always put you child or children first. Our services can be used to assist you in the care of your child or to offer a form of respite so you can spend some time as a husband and wife or as a family.

Some of the circumstances for which our services are used include:

  • multiple and complex health needs or chronic illness
  • sensory impairment such as hearing loss, visual impairment or deaf/blindness
  • a significant and long term learning difficulty
  • a physical disability
  • an autistic spectrum disorder
  • a severe communication disorder, or
  • a significant pre-school developmental delay

To speak to someone about our services please telephone: 01249 651908 (Chippenham) or 01793 237907 (Swindon).